Our Stance

Graced to grace.

Shaped and driven by days long gone,

Inspired by the present moment,

And motivated by days yet to come;

Every waking moment,

As we place our efforts before us,

We try by all means to embrace love and humility;

To embrace abundance and generosity.

Each day we have a choice,

To sleep and slumber, or

To conquer and tame new territories.

Our rest is essential, yet

We cannot camp forever;

At least not until we set foot on the promised land.

We defined ourselves long ago,

long before we set out on this expedition.

We vowed to embrace success and victory;

we vowed to embrace strength and power,

we vowed to embrace truth and integrity.

So may we stay true to this stance,

As we journey through apparent barren landscapes,

soils and grounds of no apparent good.

Should our stance and strength ever be challenged,

to a point of seeming buckling and failure;

may we find resilience in our Almighty Hero.

May we remember always

that we are and were never alone.

His mighty hand will continually lead us,

Cloud by day, and fire by night.

Let this be our stance.

-(Published in ‘Seedlings of Poetry’ -2017)


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