Fellow Warrior

Love liberates.


Fellow Warrior;

I understand your fight,

Yes, I understand your plight.

With empathy, I understand,

I know your course;

For we fight a similar warfare,

We battle on similar grounds.

We forked many years ago,

Long before we were aware;

Now, we are parted by vast landscapes,

By mountains of dares, decisions, and choices.

Forget thou not though, fellow warrior;

We battle a similar warfare.

So fight, fight fellow champion,

And never surrender.

Fight, fight fellow warrior,

And withhold not your sword.

Fight, fight fellow soldier,

And expend thy ammunition;

Fight, fight, and keep on fighting,

And never give in.

Yes, fight now fellow warrior, fight!

For beyond our days,

Beyond our finite time,

We cannot partake in this warfare.

So fight now fellow warrior, fight,

Fight for your course.

And forget not that I am right ‘here’,

Fighting for mine.

Fight, fellow warrior, fight

And overcome,

For where our roads end,

There, we shall surely meet again.


-(Published in ‘Seedlings of Poetry’ -2017)


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