Fellow Warrior

Love liberates. _____________________ Fellow Warrior; I understand your fight, Yes, I understand your plight. With empathy, I understand, I know your course; For we fight a similar warfare, We battle on similar grounds. We forked many years ago, Long before we were aware; Now, we are parted by vast landscapes, By mountains of dares, decisions,... Continue Reading →


All is yours

The landscapes are vast; and the boundaries unset. Take into your hands a pen, And write out your plan. Lift your gaze up high, And map out your way. The days are ripe, And all doors are yours. The Master possesses all thy keys, So, may you remember His law: Ask and receive; Knock and... Continue Reading →

Called According to The Masters’ Purpose

Today is given unto men not only to advance themselves, but to perfect yesterday's imperfections; and to prepare themselves for tomorrow, should it ever come. ____________________________ Some years ago I came across an innocent child; I think it was really by coincidence that we had the same name, yet to my surprise we were born... Continue Reading →

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