The Team Leader

The Master leads The Team Leader.

He is a leader because he is led. He lives by code. He understands that no team leader can ever lead with excellence, unless he learns to follow; thus he meditates in the Supreme Law, and  therefore he harnesses the winning mentality.

More specifically:

  • The Team Leader pays due attention to detail;
  • The Team Leader is never anxious about ascertained victory, he understands that he is more than a conqueror – thus he walks in victory;
  • The Team Leader stands bold – not in pride, but in Grace;
  • The Team Leader masters his time;
  • The Team Leader is diligent, excellent, and successful;
  • The Team Leader manifests power and self-control;
  • The Team Leader is patient, persistent and ultimately positive;
  • The Team Leader lives by the truth – for this is the belt with which a leader ought to gird himself (Ephesians 6);
  • The Team Leader is always prepared for battle – for he understands that the war is continuous. (He wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age – Ephesians 6);
  • Most importantly, The Team Leader never leaves his team behind. He fights until his last breath. The team leader knows that he too has been died for. Therefore, he lives his life in abundance.

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