The Traveller

Through the passage of time, the traveller finds that which he loves; and he loves it truly.


Before he achieves, he chooses to dream.

Before he climbs Mount Everest,

he chooses to climb Mount Kilimanjaro;

before he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro,

he chooses to climb the Brandberg  Mountain.

Before he succeeds on the outside,

he chooses to find peace on the inside.

Before he tames a wild horse,

he chooses to tame his tongue;

and before he changes the world,

he chooses to change himself.

Before he builds his empire,

he chooses to rebuild his father’s house.

Before he becomes a master,

he chooses to serve.

Before he asks, he chooses to appreciate;

and before he acts, he chooses to think.

Ultimately, before he dies, he chooses to live.


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