A Reason to Change Forever

The Chosen One never forgets his origins; nor does he ever forget himself.

Through the few decades of The Chosen One’s life he spent time asking why he was ‘the chosen one’. Restless he became throughout all his days asking why the universe had to choose him – the choice had made him a misfit for years, society could not hold him. Yet the conspirer, whilst The Chosen One slept years ago, revealed his deepest desire. He questioned ever since, yet his answer remained withheld.

He understood not the reason – but today, as he observes the obsolete past, he concludes that all of the universe had conspired in his favour. For be it the severe beatings or the mistreatment he received from the so-called loved ones when he was just but a simple little boy, or the blows of betrayal he faced from the supposedly genuine companions, The Chosen One adopts the words of the God-fearing Joseph: ‘They might have meant it for bad, but God had surely meant it for good’. Therefore with a bold and courageous heart he forgives, but never does he forget – for he understands that scars resulting from deep wounds never vanish. He appreciates them, because they make him who he is. He is willing to carry them for the rest of his life, not that he has a choice – but because life is much better when the pain of the past is acknowledged and gently dealt with. His heart had to find perfect peace, but he never forgets.‎

All things work together for good! There comes a time when the universe opens the heart to the understanding of perfect love. Any wrongs from a closed-minded few should never overlook the power of perfect love – the genuine smile of a perfect stranger, the sincere compliment of a true companion and the invaluable positive force of a people who believe in your potential. Thus, in view of the glass as half-full, The Chosen One adopts yet another one of his companions beliefs: ‘To think that he is loved by all, and that everybody wants to be his friend’. Yet he cautions his heart’s eyes not to become blind to adversary, but immediately his heart responds with a reminder of his King. Immediately he understands. He remembers that he ought to do good, to see the adversary as better than he is, to return not an eye for an eye – nor a tooth for a tooth. His King has demonstrated to him what perfect love is, for his King proclaimed it best on the cross: “forgive them, for they know not what they do,” – and immediately The Chosen One accepts consolation, and immediately his love becomes perfect.

In its contemplation, The Chosen One’s heart has revealed a thought; that ‘If all of the universe has many times over conspired in helping him achieve his dream, why not freely be an instrument of service to the universe as it conspires in helping his fellow companions?’ …and thus he finds a reason to change forever.


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