The Team Leader

The Master leads The Team Leader. He is a leader because he is led. He lives by code. He understands that no team leader can ever lead with excellence, unless he learns to follow; thus he meditates in the Supreme Law, and  therefore he harnesses the winning mentality. More specifically: The Team Leader pays due attention... Continue Reading →


The Traveller

Through the passage of time, the traveller finds that which he loves; and he loves it truly. _______________________________ Before he achieves, he chooses to dream. Before he climbs Mount Everest, he chooses to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; before he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, he chooses to climb the Brandberg  Mountain. Before he succeeds on the outside, he... Continue Reading →

The Deathbed Mentality

The only time we truly lived was when we chose to die. At 93 I laid on my deathbed, counting down on my inhalation and exhalation as I gladly awaited to breathe my last. My true love and companion gazed fixedly in my eyes as she blew me silent kisses of affection with her sweet... Continue Reading →

A Reason to Change Forever

The Chosen One never forgets his origins; nor does he ever forget himself. Through the few decades of The Chosen One's life he spent time asking why he was 'the chosen one'. Restless he became throughout all his days asking why the universe had to choose him - the choice had made him a misfit... Continue Reading →

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