The Chosen One

No matter how tough the situation, no matter how strong the opposition; The Chosen One chooses to hold on and fight with all his conviction.

Because he is human, the chosen one may lose sight of his vision. Unconsciously he leaves his fate to chance and allows the winds to blow in whichever direction they choose. He says that ‘things will work themselves out’ and forgets that he is ‘the master of his own fate.’ He indulges in meaningless talks at length, and converses of the most mundane of things. He staggers from his own path, and finds another. He forgets himself for a while in the midst of the multitude. And then he stumbles. His heart becomes filled with pain. And suddenly he remembers his vision. He summons the necessary courage and gets back up on his two feet, and back to his own path.

He rids the pain and heals. As he contemplates it all he realises that all he was really looking for was compatible companionship. He remembers the thoughts of his past, and then appreciates the chance the pain presented: to conclude these thoughts. He observes that his companions do not notice the movement of the moon, nor do they talk to the wind, yet they live with enthusiasm. The chosen one is momentarily confused. He does not understand. But then he realises that he has his own dream, and so do his companions. There is no need for tension, and therefore he resolves to acceptance. For whether any of his companions sleeps while the other is awake, or whether any is quiet whilst the other talks, the chosen one learns that all his companions are on their different paths – and so is he. And immediately he finds peace.

From the non-permanent loss of sight, the chosen one scoops a lesson: to “let go and let God”. His peace becomes perfect, and he concludes his only obligation: To live with Faith, Hope and Love.


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